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Young Life

All Area Club- September 26th

​ Stadium​ High School

Greer Davis-

Bellarmine Prep High School

Robbie Griffin-

Curtis High School

Robbie Griffin-

Silas High School

Kacia Clark-

Middle School


All Area Club- September 26th

Curtis Jr. High School

Robbie Griffin—

Truman Middle School

Shannon Stewart —

Mason Middle School

Robbie Griffin —


Special Needs


All Clubs are at Life Center Church, lower gym located at 1717 S. Union Ave Tacoma WA 98405 from 6:30pm-7:30pm


Carissa Lewis​ —

Teen Moms


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Leah Barkell —

Call or Text - (503) 949-3073


Young Life College


Laurel Hogan —

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